General Announcement No.1

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General Announcement No.1

As a general reply to many queries regarding planning and building for Kalama Hemritage, these are the basic points of our plan:

  1. As soon as we have an approved overall architectural plan for the area and the enclosed meditation units, we will proceed with a series of important works: electricity and water connections, planting grown trees and erecting surrounding walls. This will take several months but is a crucial step to make the land visually acceptable.

  2. Each of the identical meditation units will be designed according to usual basic needs of a meditation practitioner, not too big and not too small. It will have a living area of about 30 m2 including shower and toilet. Costs of building materials are dependent on availablitiy and design. The total cost which will be announced in the future.

  3. Kalama Hermitage will be a retreat welcoming practitioners from all over the globe, including America and Europe, and of course, including those who had never contributed to the project. The meditation units will never belong to any particular person or group. Although each of these units will have a plaque engraved with the name of a donor, they will be occupied by different candidates during the different meditation classes.

  4. The units will be identical, none is more, none is less, so the traveller will find the same level of comfort in any unit. Specifically, a donor does not necessarily have to stay in the unit marked with their name on the plaque.

  5. The only condition to stay in the units at Kalama Hermitage is the travelle's wish to find spiritual liberation by attending the meditation classes.

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