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Kalama Hermitage Banner

The Buddhist Flag was first designed by Col. Henry Steele Olcott in 1955 with 5 colours representing Buddha's five perfection and Dharma. Over the years, we have wished to improve and revitalise the flag, but never had the appropriate chance.

But now that we have made some inroad into our Kalama Hermitage project, we have ventured to introduce Kalama Hermitage Banner. Doing this we do not intend to deny the works of our predecessors, but in contrary, with the aim of promoting the spirit of the old design. Looking at Kalama Hermitage Banner, one can see the colours of the traditional flag, only with new design, composition while retaining the older respected spirit.

Also, as this banner is used only inside Kalama Hermitage, we are not too concerned about slandering criticism from others. Trolling good intentions and vilifying artistic creativity would happen any time but we will not shy away from making this positive step forward.

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