Message From Ven. Toai Khanh
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Message From Ven. Toai Khanh

Project Kalama Hermitage (Pyin Oo Lwin) was launched with the purpose of catering for the need of Vipassana practitioners who may have difficulties with the living conditions of Myanmar meditation centres and the unkind climate of the hot areas in Myanmar.

I could only act as the initiator for the project and now that a suitable land has been successuflly obtained, I will now step back in order to put all my effort back into preaching and translating suttas. The tasks of communicating with supporters, planning and subsequent building of the hermitage are from now in the hands of the representative group.

For all information about donations and progress of the project please contact the representative group via

Web pages:


  • kalamahermitage gmail com

  • vietheravada associationgmailcom

Toai Khanh

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