Announcement of Land Purchase

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Announcement of Land Purchase

After many months of searching and negotiating, we have found a piece of land suitable for building meditation centre Kalama Hermitage. It is located in Pyin Oo Lwin, 70km north-east to Mandalay. The climate here is cool most of the year, much different to the constant heat in cities like Yangon hay Mandalay.

And on April 2nd 2019, we have successfully purchased the land.

The land is on a hill with excellent wide clear views, next to Htoo Orange Farm and 2km from the Pwe Kauk waterfall. Kandawgyi National Park is 10 minutes away by car and so is reachable by cycling.

Though the hermitage is for meditation and focus on Buddhism practice, the reasonably convenient location will be a welcomed feature for travelling buddhists.

With an area of 4.2 acres (17.000 square meters), Kalama hermitage will be large enough to accommodate around 30 single meditation huts with spare space for landscaping - possibly a Japanese zen garden. It is envisaged to be a good place for meditation and spiritual healing.

There are direct flights from Singapore, Bankok and Vietnam to Mandalay international airport which is not far from Kalama Hermitage.

Pyin Oo Lwin is a wonderful region for travelling buddhists who search for Therevada wisdom while find a pleasant escape from tropical heat.

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